CPHS Baseball Booster Club


Register Your Juniors

Now is the time for college-bound student-athletes in your junior class to register with the NCAA Eligibility Center if they plan on participating in college athletics. Early registration promotes positive planning and involvement, bypasses the last-minute rush and helps college-bound student-athletes avoid issues that may delay their academic and amateur certifications. The registration process is easy and can be done by:

  • Logging on to the Eligibility Centers new Web site at www.eligibilitycenter.org;
  • Selecting the Fall 2013 or After icon;
  • Selecting the New Account tab at the top of the screen; and
  • Beginning the registration process.

Applying to College

Remind your college-bound student-athletes that they need to apply to the college or university they are interested in attending. Some student-athletes think that because they are being recruited or because they have registered with the Eligibility Center, they do not need to apply for admission. Continue to remind your college-bound student-athletes and their parents that athletics eligibility and admission to a college or university are two separate processes and that both need to be completed. We appreciate your efforts in passing this information along.